Hello, Is There Any Body There?

by Ian Hornby
directed by Julie Petrucci
Wed 16th-Sat 19th May 2018
at Waterbeach School
Tickets now on sale!

The Hiram J Haffenbacker Show
written and directed
by David Morris
Cambridge Drama Festival
24th April 2018

The Lost Archer
written by Tim Boden
directed by Chris Shinn and Jane Boden
Cambridge Drama Festival
26th April 2018

Snails for Starters
by Kattreya Scheurer-Smith
directed by Mark Easterfield
Wed 7th-Sat 10th Nov 2017
at Waterbeach School

Spring - Hello, Is There Any Body There? by Ian Hornby, directed by Julie Petrucci

A murder mystery farce set in Squire Grange where all is dull and peaceful ...

Lady Amelia (Wendy Croft) searches for new ideas for her latest mystery novel as Sir Malcolm (Paul Lockwood) sleeps off the excesses of another idle day. Family friend Freddy (Gareth Atkinson) is persuaded to try and think of new ideas.

Meanwhile the hapless Vic Tim (Sam Smethurst) arrives and is promptly dispatched by an unknown assailant. Everyone tries hard to discover the murderer before he or she can strike again. The first problem, however, is how to get rid of Vic's body, not just because he is making an untidy mess on the stage, but also because he has to come back in ACT II as a policeman!

Smalls (Nick Gulvin), the butler, and Mabel (Caroline Blair), the maid, try to assist the inept police led by DI Sides (Rosie Wilson), and Sir Malcolm attempts to give the delicious WPC Eve Nunnall (Maeve Adair) a hand, but it's not in time to prevent the Producer being murdered. There is even a suspicion that someone may have poisoned the audience. Eventually Miss Marbles (Tina Seeley) arrives to reveal, Agatha Christie-style, the culprit.

This is a murder mystery - but not as we know it - which steadfastly refuses to take itself (or anything else) seriously.


Festival - The Hiram J Haffenbacker Show written and directed by David Morris

One of our entries for the Sawston and Cambridge drama festivals in March/April next year is The Hiram J Haffenbacker Show. This new play by David Morris is a satire on the mid morning chat shows beloved of both British and American TV channels - only without the budgets, the restrained hosts or the witty and sophisticated guests. Hosted by the legend in his own toenail, Hiram J Haffenbacker, a man so oily he had "Castrol Multigrade" stamped on his forehead when he emerged into the world, his widely ignored show has all the ingredients you would expect from this type of programme: the DNA and lie detector tests, the families at war and shock revelations. And who is Tamara? The cast comprises Steve Doke, Chas Barclay, Sophie Heald, Will Morris and Daisy Gill.


Festival - The Lost Archer written by Tim Boden and directed by Chris Shinn and Jane Boden

We also have a second entry this year, an original play, The Lost Archer by Tim Boden.

Albert Riley despises Actors. Albert (Tim Boden) was one himself, but despite a successful career he regards his life wasted, spending his career surrounded by self-obsessed, ego-driven narcissists. Now living as a recluse and ravaged by arthritis, he seeks solace in the Scotch Bottle and baiting his long suffering care worker Mrs J.

Gemma (Emily Rutherford) seeks an escape from her banal surroundings, faced with a career in the local pie factory or at best as a waitress. She longs for a chance to go to Drama School, so who would be the last person she should turn to to help her?

Tim Boden's fourth Festival play fluctuates between light and dark comedy and challenges the preconceptions of an Actors life: not a play for the Luvvies, but one with a stark twist in the tale that still allows a shaft of light to shine through.